Spousal Differences: The 2016 Presidential Election

My husband and I are different people. This is how we work together: We balance each other out. That was clear today, the day after the 2016 election polls closed and Trump was declared the next POTUS. Let me walk you through the day to demonstrate the difference between me and my husband Jamie. This is why I’m grateful for him and for his perspective.

Day 1 of President Elect Donald Trump: My Perspective

Me at 5:30am: *wakes up* *immediately looks at election results* *heart sinks*


Me at 6:20am: *wakes Jamie up* JAMIE TRUMP IS PRESIDENT!! (Jamie mumbles that he knows.)

Me at 6:45am: OMG OUR ECONOMY IS GOING TO GO INTO A RECESSION. Dow futures are down 750 points! He’s going to provoke sexism, racism, homophobia, and xenophobia! There will be violence in the streets! Our country is a mess! What did we just do?!

Me at 7:00am: You know, it does show how out-of-touch “liberal progressives” are. They aren’t necessarily representative of most of America. There was a segment of the country that demanded its voice be heard – and that might not be a bad thing. There are people suffering out there and not seeing change.

Me at 8:00am: But OMG what does that mean for my LGBTQ+, Hispanic, African American, Asian, otherwise multicultural, disabled, and veteran friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and family? What does that mean for ME as a woman? I am actually afraid!

Me at 10:00am: Okay, it seems too late for them to call a recount. Could he possibly get impeached before too much damage is done?

Me at 10:30am: *talks with a Trump supporter* Hmm, well, it’s possible that all of his bombastic rhetoric is actually very calculated? Maybe he’s talking in extremes to galvanize action but doesn’t really mean everything he says to the literal, extreme degree? There are certainly things that could use fixing, after all.

Me at 12:00pm: Wow, Hillary’s concession speech was amazing. People, we elected him over her?!

Me at 3:00pm: Well, let’s be real, I wasn’t too excited about a Clinton presidency. And also, the “stock market crash” the media was predicting didn’t happen. The media, in fact, has been embarrassingly wrong about everything thus far. Are we just fed lies constantly? How can we know what’s true anymore? Is this was the country was responding to? Are they bringing an indictment against the media?

Me at 4:00pm: People calling Trump supporters racist, sexist, homophobic, and bigoted are doing the same thing racists, sexists, homophobes, and bigots do: over-generalize and stereotype. Oh, what is our world coming to? We’re so divided, and it’s so sad. We’re falling apart no matter what side you’re on.

Me at 5:30pm: Okay, I get it. I understand why the people might have elected Donald Trump. I didn’t vote for him, but I recognize that we’re a divided America simmering with discontentment. Voices have been heard. A populist movement is in full force.

Me at 6:00pm: It might not be all bad. America was due for a revolution, I suppose. Checks and balances, right? That’s what keeps us strong. That’s what keeps us from becoming complacent.

Me at 8:00pm: I’m still just so confused. We’ll get through this, but I’m worried about Trump as a president and person in power. We face some uncertain times, but this I know: I love my fellow Americans above and beyond our similarities and despite our differences. We’ll get through this. I can give Trump a chance. I believe in my country.

*And many other emotions and musings in between*

Day 1 of President Elect Donald Trump: Jamie’s Perspective

Jamie around 6:30am: *wakes up* *sighs* I really just don’t want to have to listen to everyone’s opinions on this today.

Moral of the story:

We’ll be okay. The end.


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