I used to hate thinking about the routine of the everyday. I used to cringe, bury my head in anxiety, thinking about the collection of seemingly meaningless tasks that make up a life. My sould used to grate against the inevitable truth of the mundane, grow worn and weary as it trudged through the fear of insignificance. I fretted all through college. I worried that at the end of my life, I would have stored up a myriad of dusty trinkets representing the tiny, dull tasks that fill a lifetime: that I would never be able to hold a gleaming trophy of triumph, a hallmark of some great achievement, of some world-changing accomplishment. I was afraid of drowning in anonymity, of sinking slowly and comfortably down, down into obsolescence.

I was looking at life all wrong.

I asked Jamie about his favorite moments in the past six months of marriage. His answers surprised me. They weren’t big or impressive moments like climbing the Smokies together on our honeymoon. They were small moments, ones no one else would even care about, like our car rides in the early morning when the sun is still yawning mellow pink rays and shyly peeking over the horizon. I am only dropping him off at the law school before driving to work – an everyday necessity, a repetitive task – and yet he loves those ten minutes together in the morning (dreaming about the future or belting Adele, whichever suits our fancy) before we separate to conquer our individual tasks for the day.

Then I started thinking: What do I feel when I climb into bed at the end of the day? Do I feel monotony and impotence pressing on me? Do I feel useless and insignificant? No. I feel satisfied: another day full of conversation, learning, work, contributions, love for my husband. I may not be curing cancer, but I am part of something bigger in every task I complete.

And I matter. I matter to my family, my friends, my husband, and the creator of the universe. And I can rest in that. That is enough.

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2 Responses to Routine

  1. hollymueller says:

    Well, that made me all teary! Beautiful.

  2. bobbietaylor says:

    Teary-eyed. I’m with your mother! What a gift you are to each other. (And through each other to us) Two God-fearing women with their heads on straight, knowing Who is important, and as a result, everything else falls into its own relative place of importance. Thank you for entering into the SJT community by inspiring your mother’s posts. Would be an amazing gift if you joined us!..God bless you. Happy six months of marriage. Here’s my unsolicited “Christian-sisterly” advice–which embarrassed my daughter and son-in-law on their wedding night when I shared this thought with them:. Best position for making love is on your knees, worshiping the Lord. May He bless your marriage always!

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